DURO Performance Levels

Selecting the right performance level for you

In selecting a DURO tool you will benefit from industry leading cost:performance ratios. To be sure you select exactly the right tool for your needs, we offer four clearly defined performance levels for you to select from. All four levels are designed to offer outstanding value in relation to the purchase price.

DURO Ultra - the top line from DURO  

DURO Ultra

The Top-Line from DURO, where maximum performance is the only consideration during the product design process. The very highest quality raw materials are utilised to ensure the maximum possible output is acheived. DURO Ultra is also our main Innovation line.

DURO Plus - the pro-line from DURO  


The Pro-Line from DURO, offering professional level tools. The DURO Plus range is renowned for offering pro quality, high performance tools with a wide product portfolio. DURO plus tools deliver a very high output.

DURO Standard - the standard-line from DURO  

DURO Standard

The Standard-Line from DURO, with a broad product range and many tools offering performance levels well above industry standard, the output of DURO Standard tools is outstanding at this price level.

DURO Base - the entry-line from DURO  


The Entry-Line from DURO, where price and performance are matched to offer great value tools with high output throughout the range.