Duro Yokota Ltd.

Did you know we also supply a range of pneumatic tools? Duro Yokota Ltd. have the finest range of air tools available in the UK with over 50 years of detailed industry experience, leading to the development of this market leading range. Our range of tools from Adamas, AGP, Toku, Trelawny, Red Rooster and Action represent a comprehensive range of options for all construction, industrial and automotive users.

The Duro Yokota range of industrial construction tools has been specially selected from leading British and European manufacturers renowned for high quality and reliability. The range includes heavy duty hammers, pavement breakers, pneumatic scabblers, scrapers and compactors with all air tool accessories available from Duro Yokota Ltd.

With a 2 years warranty included on all Duro Yokota heavy duty hammers and pavement breakers and features across the range from vibration control, dust extraction, anti-freeze and auto lubrication, selecting a Duro Yokota product guarantees a tool manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Visit www.yokota.co.uk for further information.