Drilling, Cutting & Grinding Tools

AGP Electric Tools


Exclusive to DURO Yokota – powerful, extremely efficient and reliable electric handsaws, drill motors, hand grinders, dry wall sanders, circular saws, chain saws – perfect for any hire fleet.

Backed by DURO Yokota full service support.

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Drilling, Cutting & Grinding

Exclusive to DURO Yokota

AGP Electric Tools
  • AGP Drill Motors
  • AGP Electric Handsaws
  • AGP Electric Hand Grinders
  • AGP SCS7 Stone & Tile Cutting Saw
  • AGP CG125 Wall Chasing Saw
  • AGP SB9 Dry Wall Sander
  • AGP CS11 Electric Concrete Chainsaw
  • G5 Concrete Hand Grinder
  • G7 Concrete Hand Grinder

Sizing Options

The full range of AGP Electric Tools and accessories are available on our www.yokota.co.uk website. Please click the links in the table below to view specific products.

AGP Model  Description
DM52D Drill Motor Dry Drilling, Hand or Rig Mounted.
Compact & lightweight.
Up to 180mm diameter dry cores.
DM52D drill motors for dry drilling
DMC6P Drill Motor Wel/Dry Drilling, Hand or Rig Mounted.
For heavy duty drilling applications.
162mm wet core capacity rig mounted.
182mm dry core capacity.
DMC6P drill motors for wet and dry drilling
DM12 Drill Motor Wet Drilling Rig Mounted.
Heavy duty drilling applications.
Up to 350mm diameter wet cores.
For rig mounted drilling only.
DM12 drill motors for wet drilling
C14 Electric Handsaw For 350mm Diamond Blades.
Use dry with optional dust ski and vacuum port.
C16 Electric Handsaws For 400mm Diamond Blades.
Added ability to flush cut with the removable flush cut plate and flange.
AGP C16 Electric Handsaw
SCS7 Stone & Tile Cutting Saw 180mm Wet Tile / Stone Cutting Saw.
55mm depth of cut.
1680W brushed motor.
Supplied in a hard plastic carry case.
SCS7 front view of AGP stone and tile cutting circular saw
CG125 Wall Chasing Saw Light & Convenient Wall Chaser.
Max 40mm depth of cut.
125mm blade diameter.
Supplied in a hard plastic carry case.
SB9 Dry Wall Sander Lightweight & Brushless.
Ultra-light, super-efficient, 225mm dry wall sander.
Incredibly low vibration levels.
Optional extension handle.
SB9 dry wall sander AGP
CS11 Concrete Chainsaw Diamond Chainsaw.
2600W electric motor.
300mm depth of cut.
Dual spirit levels.
AGP CS11 Diamond Chainsaw
G5 Hand Grinder 125mm (5″) high endurance, vertical concrete grinder.
1700W motor.
G7 Hand Grinder 180 mm (7″) high endurance, vertical concrete grinder.
1700W motor.
AGP G7 concrete hand grinder