13L Dust Suppression Water Tank



13 litre dust suppression water tank complete with 4 metre length external hose, internal water feed and pressure relief valve. Made from high density polyethylene.

Use me for…

The suppression of dust created by the use of hand-held saws in all working environments. Fits directly to the saw and only requires a water source.


  • Water resistant external warning and advice label
  • Durable 4m hose, fully braided for flexibilty
  • Hose exit support spring to prevent kinking
  • Extra strong external and internal (brass) pipe connection
  • Automatic pressure release valve
  • Sturdy and comfortable handle
  • Wide funnel opening for easy filling
  • Reliable pump mechanism
  • Internal debris prevention filter
  • Base protector

Sizing Options

Part numberPackagingCapacity
DP-DST-13LPrinted Box13 litre

improved stabilty & robust base

  • New and improved wide base increases the stability of the tank when in use
  • New and improved robust and durable base material means the tank can withstand more on site use

easier to use | increased life

tough durable pump with efficient pressure build up

  • 60% less pumps required to reach the HSE recommended flow rate. 20 pumps maximum
  • Robust, durable pump can withstand continued on-site use
  • The tank does not lose pressure enabling constant flow in use

less effort required | more efficient

quality hose clamps with internal brass hose connector

  • Hose clamps and hose connectors give high pressure retention
  • Ensures no water loss during use through the connectors

maintained pressure levels | no water leakage

high quality water-stop and 4m hose length

  • Ensures no water loss before and after connection to the saw
  • Enables tank to be disconnected from the saw to allow refilling
  • 4m length enables tank to be manouvered into multiple positions easily

maintained water levels | easy access and manouverability

4 bar safety valve & high flow water rate

  • Maintaining a high level of pressure ensures a constant flow of water from the tank to the cutting face.

maintain efficient cutting | ability for longer

high quality braided hose

  • Prevents the hose from ‘kinking’ and therefore stopping water flow

constant water flow | no stoppage

hose exit support spring

  • Prevents the hose from ‘kinking’and therefore stopping water flow

constant water flow | no stoppage

strong polyethelene 13 litre tank

  • High quality 5.6mm thick polyethelene ensures there is no deformation of the tank or base when under pressure

long life | on site durability

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