DURO PLUS SDS PLUS Hammer Drill Bits



SDS PLUS Hammer Drill Bits – DP-SPLUS | DURO PLUS. Premium quality with high quality jointing methods between tip and body. Precision machined SDS+ shank to limit power tool wear with special flute design for speed & strength

Use me for…

All masonry and concrete types. Truer, rounder holes for all fixings applications and through holes.


  • Precision machined SDS plus shank
  • Sintered carbide tips
  • High quality jointing methods
  • Twin flute design for speed / strength

Sizing Options

Part number Diameter Packaging Length
4.0x110DP-SPLUS 4.00mm SDS Clip 110mm
5.0x110DP-SPLUS 5.00mm SDS Clip 110mm
5.5x110DP-SPLUS 5.50mm SDS Clip 110mm
6.0x110DP-SPLUS 6.00mm SDS Clip 110mm
6.5x110DP-SPLUS 6.50mm SDS Clip 110mm
7.0x110DP-SPLUS 7.00mm SDS Clip 110mm
8.0x110DP-SPLUS 8.00mm SDS Clip 110mm
10.0x110DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 110mm
14.0x150DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 150mm
15.0x150DP-SPLUS 15.00mm SDS Clip 150mm
16.0x150DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 150mm
4.0x160DP-SPLUS 4.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
5.0x160DP-SPLUS 5.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
5.5x160DP-SPLUS 5.50mm SDS Clip 160mm
6.0x160DP-SPLUS 6.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
6.5x160DP-SPLUS 6.50mm SDS Clip 160mm
7.0x160DP-SPLUS 7.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
8.0x160DP-SPLUS 8.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
9.0x160DP-SPLUS 9.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
10.0x160DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
11.0x160DP-SPLUS 11.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
12.0x160DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 160mm
5.0x210DP-SPLUS 5.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
5.5x210DP-SPLUS 5.50mm SDS Clip 210mm
6.0x210DP-SPLUS 6.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
6.5x210DP-SPLUS 6.50mm SDS Clip 210mm
7.0x210DP-SPLUS 7.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
8.0x210DP-SPLUS 8.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
9.0x210DP-SPLUS 9.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
10.0x210DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
12.0x210DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
14.0x210DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
16.0x210DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
18.0x210DP-SPLUS 18.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
20.0x210DP-SPLUS 20.00mm SDS Clip 210mm
13.0x250DP-SPLUS 13.00mm SDS Clip 250mm
15.0x250DP-SPLUS 15.00mm SDS Clip 250mm
22.0x250DP-SPLUS 22.00mm SDS Clip 250mm
24.0x250DP-SPLUS 24.00mm SDS Clip 250mm
25.0x250DP-SPLUS 25.00mm SDS Clip 250mm
5.5x260DP-SPLUS 5.50mm SDS Clip 260mm
6.0x260DP-SPLUS 6.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
6.5x260DP-SPLUS 6.50mm SDS Clip 260mm
8.0x260DP-SPLUS 8.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
10.0x260DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
11.0x260DP-SPLUS 11.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
12.0x260DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
14.0x260DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
16.0x260DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
18.0x260DP-SPLUS 18.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
20.0x260DP-SPLUS 20.00mm SDS Clip 260mm
5.0x310DP-SPLUS 5.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
10.0x310DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
12.0x310DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
14.0x310DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
16.0x310DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
18.0x310DP-SPLUS 18.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
20.0x310DP-SPLUS 20.00mm SDS Clip 310mm
6.5x400DP-SPLUS 6.50mm SDS Clip 400mm
8.0x450DP-SPLUS 8.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
10.0x450DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
12.0x450DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
13.0x450DP-SPLUS 13.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
14.0x450DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
16.0x450DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
18.0x450DP-SPLUS 18.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
20.0x450DP-SPLUS 20.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
24.0x450DP-SPLUS 24.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
25.0x450DP-SPLUS 25.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
26.0x450DP-SPLUS 26.00mm SDS Clip 450mm
8.0x600DP-SPLUS 8.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
10.0x600DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
12.0x600DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
14.0x600DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
16.0x600DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
18.0x600DP-SPLUS 18.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
20.0x600DP-SPLUS 20.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
22.0x600DP-SPLUS 22.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
25.0x600DP-SPLUS 25.00mm SDS Clip 600mm
16.0x800DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 800mm
10.0x1000DP-SPLUS 10.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
12.0x1000DP-SPLUS 12.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
14.0x1000DP-SPLUS 14.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
16.0x1000DP-SPLUS 16.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
18.0x1000DP-SPLUS 18.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
20.0x1000DP-SPLUS 20.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
22.0x1000DP-SPLUS 22.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm
25.0x1000DP-SPLUS 25.00mm SDS Clip 1000mm