Concrete / Asphalt / Metal / Hard Materials Diamond Blade



A laser welded diamond blade with key hole gullet design and 13mm tall conical segments for lower vibration levels and longer life. Incorporating the latest SDT spaced diamond technology. Maximum performance and output.

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Use me for…

All concrete types Inc. reinforced, Concrete kerbs, beams, lintels & flags, Abrasive materials / Asphalt, Clay products, Steel & iron / Ferrous metal sections up to 5 mm gauge, Indian stone / All bricks Inc. Class A engineering 

WITH: Petrol Saws | Floor Saws (See size chart below)

Download data sheet for full list of materials that can be cut with the DUA/C blade.

THE TOP Level Diamond Blade For Concrete, Asphalt, Metal and Hard Materials

Maximum Performance and Output In These Applications
  • 13mm Conical Segments Height For Long Life
  • Key Hole Gullet For Less Chipping and Reduced Vibration
  • Ventilated Core For Cooling
  • Laser Welded For Strength
  • Shot Blasted With 4 Deep Draft Segments For Double Core Protection
  • Spaced Diamond Technology For Consistent Cut
  • Maximum Speed Of Cut and Output

Sizing Options

Part numberDiameterBoreMachine
230DUA/C230mm (9″)22.23mmAngle Grinder
300DUA/C300mm (12″)20.00mmPetrol Saws
350DUA/C350mm (14″)25.40mmPetrol Saws / Floor Saw
350DUA/C-20350mm (14″)20.00mmPetrol Saws
400DUA/C400mm (16″)20.00mmFloor Saws
450DUA/C450mm (18″)25.40mmFloor Saws
500DUA/C500mm (20″)25.40mmFloor Saws
600DUA/C600mm (24″)25.40mmFloor Saws

* 300 & 350mm available as noise reduced options

  • Multi layered noise reducing core
  • Not Ventilated
  • Not SDT


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