DURO ULTRA Diamond Tile Drills



Diamond Tile Drills – DU-CTD-VAPODRY – Duro ULTRA with a brazed bond matrix giving the ability to drill the hardest porcelain tiles practically DRY! Drill quickly and easily with minimal coolant and incredible life, auto slug ejection and 3 flatted shank.

Drill dry in the hardest of tiles! Minimal coolant allows dry drilling giving exceptional life

  • DURO’s VAPODRY diamond drill, drills holes in the hardest stone and tile materials up to and including grade 5+
  • PATENTED THIN KERF DESIGN & OPTIMUM SIZE SUPERIOR GRADE DIAMOND GRIT – enables incredible penetration rates – over 70% faster
  • Quickly and easily drill multiple holes with minimal coolant – effectively DRY drilling with excellent speed and tool life
  • A single dip in any fluid before starting any hole – is enough to allow the VAPODRY to drill without the use of a constant flow of coolant
  • Auto slug ejection enables continuous multi-hole drilling – with the highgrade diamond meaning easy start capability in the tightest of areas – without a guide
  • Low torque running speeds prolongs the battery life of cordless units
  • A tough alloy body ensures zero distortion when applying pressure to the drill
  • No risk of discolouring tiles and grout lines thanks to the dry drilling capability
  • The drills can be used wet as well and will achieve extended life
  • Ideal for professional tilers, plumbers, electricians and DIY users
Use me for…

ULTRA high performance diamond tile drill with the ability to drill wet or practically dry in the hardest of tiles: Porcelain (grade 5) / Ceramic / Quarry tiles / Marble Terracotta / Glazed tiles / Terrazzo/ Agglomerates / Cement / Glass / Granite


  • Drill the hardest of tiles
  • Superior grade diamond & brazed bond
  • Patented thin kerf design
  • 70% faster penetration rates
  • Drill dry or wet with incredible life
  • Auto slug ejection / 3 flatted shank

Sizing Options

Part number Diameter Application
5DU-CTD-VAPODRY 5mm Yellow Plug
6DU-CTD-VAPODRY 6mm Red Plug
7DU-CTD-VAPODRY 7mm Brown Plug
8DU-CTD-VAPODRY 8mm Fischer Nylon Plug
10DU-CTD-VAPODRY 10mm Blue Plug / Bore Pipe
12DU-CTD-VAPODRY 12mm Coach Screw
16DU-CTD-VAPODRY 16mm 15mm Copper Pipe
20DU-CTD-VAPODRY 20mm 18mm Copper Pipe
25DU-CTD-VAPODRY 25mm 22mm Copper Pipe
30DU-CTD-VAPODRY 30mm 28mm Copper Pipe
35DU-CTD-VAPODRY 35mm 1½” Waste Pipe

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